Storms, cyclones and floods will only worsen as the planet warms | Letters

Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth, says rich countries must act to make disasters such as the cyclone that hit Mozambique less likely. Meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky describes how Climate Matters is helping to end the ‘TV news desert’ around global warming. Plus letters from Caroline Evans and Daniel Scharf

The disaster to hit Mozambique is reported as one of the worst tropical cyclones to visit the southern hemisphere, with hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more needing urgent assistance. I note the Guardian was the only major newspaper to lead with this story on Wednesday (Race to find survivors after deadly cyclone, 20 March).

People suffering in Mozambique and neighbouring countries didn’t create the climate crisis, but they are dying from more intense weather events like Cyclone Idai.

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Africa | The Guardian

The two-bike, one-car way to go for a walk | Brief letters

Kilimanjaro’s guides and porters | Late Junction | Female priests | Getting to and from walks

Skilled, experienced and encouraging local guides and porters ensured we reached the peak of Kilimanjaro in 2017. They supported us and everyone else I know who has reached the peak through the pain, emotion and challenge, but they were nowhere in evidence in the recent BBC coverage of the celebrity ascent for Comic Relief. Is this another example of white saviours doing it alone (Comic Relief raises £8m less this year amid ‘white saviour’ debate, 18 March) or a missed opportunity to show inspiring African role models in action?
Fiona Jones and Brigitt Bailey
Ashtead, Surrey

• After a long night on stage I travel home in the darkness of 11pm to my home in Sussex. I feel I have friends on the radio and enjoy the often eclectic mix of music which makes night closures on various motorways bearable. I would hate my drive home even more if Radio 3’s Late Junction was cut from the airwaves (Letters, 20 March).
Chris Difford
Firle, East Sussex

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Africa | The Guardian



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