Abiodun Omotoso


Mrs. Abiodun Omotoso is the President of Millenium Broadcasting Channel. Her philanthropic tendencies make her so dear to so many people’s hearts in America and Nigeria.

She started her career as a marketer and promoter in the entertainment industry in London England. She has promoted several African celebrities on the international platform both in America and Europe. Her marketing experience in African movies was instrumental to the birth of the world-celebrated Nollywood industry and the eventual nurturing of this entertainment industry to where it is today.

Popularly called Mrs. Abbey, she is a role model to thousand of African women not only in Houston, where she is based, but also to many young and aspiring women across the length and breath of the United States. A rare gem, who has brought her vast experience in the industry to bare, she remains the tireless ‘engine’ that keeps the MBC organization's train moving. Mrs. Abbey is a tough and relentless individual.

Mrs. Abbey knows what it takes to bring out the shine and sparkle from raw gold due to her outstanding understanding of the nitty gritty of entertainment marketing. It is no surprise that just at the infant stage of MBC, she has won numerous business clients, developed marketing strategies, initiated partnership with beneficial companies and signed numerous memoranda of understanding (MoU) with stakeholders in the industry.

Abiodun is an avid home keeper, a devoted Christian, and a prayer intercessor, happily married to Lanre Omotoso, the CEO of MBC. Both are blessed with wonderful children.