Our Mission is to enrich the lives of Africans by positively influencing their social, cultural, economic, political, and technological thinking through a wide choice of programs.

We operate for the benefit of all Africans and African descendants, recognizing and reflecting the diversity in culture, values, interests, and needs. In doing so, we contribute to the value and the development of Africans in sharing views, national conscience, and identity. Millennium Broadcasting Channel offers family oriented, community unifying, proactive and quality programs which are commercially viable in the industry and remains competitive in a profit oriented manner.

MBC operates as both a terrestrial and Internet-based TV platform. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality of Special Events, Movies, News, Education, Sports, Drama, Soap Operas, documentaries, and Community Affairs (e.g. from the African perspective using the resources of Africa and modern technology.) It is the due season to present Africa and what she has to offer to the world.

We’ve discovered that the world is greatly misinformed about Africa. Africans need a voice to the world and Millennium Broadcasting Channel was created to be that voice. We are a channel that Africans can be proud of and Americans love. African Americans feel connected with MBC because it affords them the opportunity to be educated and united with their heritage and history. English is the primary spoken language

  • A new alternative to African & African Americans in Houston and North America
  • Live programming and broadcasting in Houston and its environ
  • Important information to improve viewers lives
  • Special Programs suited to meet the needs of Africans and African descendants in the Diaspora

MBC is a realization of a vision birthed out of Millennium African Music and Video. The business started in London, England as a home-based video delivery service in 1994. The first and biggest video outlet rental outlet in Houston was acquired in November 1999. The business went online in June 2006 as the first African Video Online Rental service.

The Millenium Broadcasting Channel (43.2 KHLM), the terrestrial TV arm of the organization, was launched thereafter and began airing for the first time in July 2007. Please see the map below for our coverage map.

  • Broadcasting direct from Houston

    Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and has the 6th largest viewing audience. DMA ethnic and racial mix is 941, 570 of which are black.

  • Broad audience

    14% of the DMA watch MBC daily and enjoy our Movies, News, Documentaries, Sports, and Drama which are shown in English, and their native languages.

  • #1 in Viewer Choice

    24% of respondents to our personal survey stated MBC is their #1 choice of available channels.

Lanre Omotoso

Lanre Omotoso

Mr. Lanre Akande Omotoso is the CEO, Millenium Broadcasting Channel – a subsidiary of Millenium Group of Companies. A feat he did not achieve on a platter of gold. Larry, as he is popularly called, falls into the elite group of illustrious Nigerians breaking new grounds against the odds in diaspora...

Find out more about our CEO.

Abiodun Omotoso

Abiodun Omotoso

Mrs. Abiodun Omotoso is the President of Millenium Broadcasting Channel. Her philanthropic tendencies make her so dear to so many people’s hearts in America and Nigeria. She started her career as a marketer and promoter in the entertainment industry in London England...


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