Lanre Omotoso

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lanre Akande Omotoso is the CEO, Millenium Broadcasting Channel – a subsidiary of Millenium Group of Companies. A feat he did not achieve on a platter of gold. Larry, as he is popularly called, falls into the elite group of illustrious Nigerians breaking new grounds against the odds in diaspora. As the co-founder of the first African television station in a highly competitive American market, Lanre has proved his rare acumen as an entrepreneur of impeccable virtues.

He holds the view that nothing is beyond reach. His antecedent is no doubt a pointer to the fact that, hard work, perseverance and doggedness form the bedrock of success. Born about five decades ago to a middle class Ijesha family, one of the foremost Yoruba ethnic groups known for doing great exploits in business, Larry chose to break newer grounds in deference to his parents who were successful cloth traders.

Larry is a trained educationist with teaching experience in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The propelling force of youthful ambition, exuberance and weird adventurous moves took him to many countries of the world where he rocked the boat, weathered the storm, rose through thick and thin, all of which shaped his personality and propelled him to become one the most successful immigrant of African descent in the United States of America. A visionary, an astute media guru, an industrious investor of outstanding integrity, he studied mass communication and obtained a certificate in education from College of education, Ila– Oragun in Osun state, Nigeria.

He is an eloquent motivational speaker, well travelled individual with a hilarious sense of humor, which makes him one of the most funny individual to hand out with. Lanre is happily married to Abiodun Omotoso, the co-founder of MBC, and both are blessed with lovely children.